Single Product - Multiple Quantity

This method of using TurboLink allows you to create a Add to Cart link and quantity field on your web page for a single product, multiple quantity item. This will allow your customer to enter the number of the product they wish to purchase and add the item to the cart on your web page, bypassing the usual Add to Cart page.

How it works:
To use this feature you will need to manually edit the product links on your web pages. For this reason we do not recommend you attempt this unless you have some knowledge of editing HTML code. No adjustments will need to be made in your eManager.

Please note that TurboLink will work only for Toolkit (full cart) accounts. Attributes will NOT work with this feature.

Use the link below to view a working example of the Multiple Product - Multiple Quantity method of using TurboLink.

Single Product - Multiple Quantity Demo

How to Setup Single Product - Multiple Quantity
To setup a product that can be added to the cart from your web page in multiple quantities, you will need to create a FORM. You may customize the FORM for your own preferences..include a graphic, label the quantity field, change the label on the button etc. The base code for the FORM is as follows:

<FORM action="" method="POST">
<INPUT type="text" NAME="quantity" VALUE="" SIZE="4">
<INPUT type="hidden" NAME="prod_code" VALUE="yourproductcodehere">
<INPUT type="submit" VALUE="Add to Cart">

Note that you must insert your account code and the corresponding product code into the above link.

You will want to include a View Cart and Checkout link at the bottom of your page after the form is closed. You may use the same code for your existing View Cart and Checkout links, or modify the following with your account code.

<A HREF="">View Cart</A>

<A HREF="">Checkout</A>