Single Product - Single Quantity

Single Product - Single Quantity
This method of using TurboLink allows you to use a simple hyperlink that, when clicked on, will add a quantity of one of the selected product to the user's cart. This method is best used if you offer more than one product for sale, but assume your customers will be purchasing only one of each product rather than multiples.

Single Product - Single Quantity Demo

How it works:

How to Setup Single Product - Single Quantity
To setup a product (or products) that can be added to the cart from your web page in a quantity of one, you need only attach a simple hyperlink to the product. You may attach this hyperlink to text or a graphic, whichever you prefer. The link must be as follows:

Note that you must insert your account code and the corresponding product code into the above link.

You will want to include a View Cart and Checkout link at the bottom of your page after the form is closed. You may use the same code for your existing View Cart and Checkout links, or modify the following with your account code.

<A HREF="">View Cart</A>

<A HREF="">Checkout</A>