Linking to GoChargeit Payment Processing

The virtual transaction terminal - eTerminal - allows a merchant to accept and process credit card payments without having to purchase expensive software or hardware or sign a long term lease.

The flexibility of eTerminal allow merchants with a variety of needs to tailor their virtual processing terminal to their situation. For instances where a merchant wants to "link" their web site to the virtual eTerminal processing terminal, our ChargeLink system offers them three options. The demonstrations below showcase the various approaches:

  • Mail Order / Telephone Order (MO/TO) eTerminal Manual Processing

  • If a merchant has a web page or order system that relies primarily on accepting telephone or mail orders, the free-standing eTerminal allows  them to process credit card payments.
    To Login - Email:demo and Password: merchant
  • Single Button - Order Now Method (ChargeLink)

  • For merchants with only one product, our ChargeLink application allows merchants to offer a simple one button-click safe and secure method for customers to make payments. This method can work for more than one product by having an Order Now button next to each product. Only one product at a time, however, can be purchased.
  • Non-Payment Information Collected On Merchant's web site

  • If you as the merchant wish to collect the customer's non-payment information on your own website, the collected information can be passed to ChargeLink. This method might be feasible for a single product business. Demo here.
  • Totally Remote Processing

  • For situations where merchants are using a shopping cart (e.g. Miva Merchant) or have cgi programming available to them, a transparent and totally remote transaction process can be used. Control of the customer's browser is never located, per se, on the gochargeit server. This approach requires the shopping cart or other program to receive back result data and parse it accordingly.

    A demonstration can be seen here. With this method, after the card is processed, result data is returned to a designated page for parsing and handling. Miva Merchant uses this method for processing.