1st National Processing Requirements

1st National Processing has three requirements for their merchants' web sites. These three requirements are addressed below.

1.)The business address disclosed must be the permanent location from which the business is operated including the country of origin. It must be displayed on the checkout screen or within the sequence of pages a cardholder uses to access the checkout screen.

Depending on your site navigation scheme, your business address may be displayed on your web site. Alternately you may add your business address to a custom header file which is displayed at the top of each order form screen. From the eManager main page go to Configuration and Setup > Upload Custom Files. Click the link Header File Specifications for details.

2.)The Terms and Conditions, including the total amount of the purchase, needs to be on the checkout screen or within the sequence of pages the cardholder uses to complete the checkout process.

Your Terms and Conditions may also be along the checkout path on your web site or included in the customer header file referenced above.

3.)The refund policy must be communicated to the cardholder during the checkout process and the cardholder must be required to accept or acknowledge the policy.

There is a new configuration item to handle this requirement. Configuration and Setup > Order System Setup. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a text entry field labeled Refund Policy URL. Enter the address to the return policy page on your site. For example:

When a URL is entered into this field a new checkbox item will display at the bottom of the first order form screen. The checkbox must be checked by the cardholder in order to complete the order process. Associated with the checkbox is a link to the URL entered in this field.