Plugin Modules

File Delivery
The file delivery plugin provides a seamless interface between realtime credit card authorization and file downloads. This plugin is a must for anyone selling software or information files. Any binary distribution file that is commonly recognized by typical server and browser configurations may be used. Some common binary extension types are .pdf, .zip, .tar, .sit, .sea, .exe.

Password Delivery
This Plugin allows for immediate delivery of a password or username and password pair as the result of realtime credit card authorizations. Passwords are uploaded to the processing server and queued for each valid, realtime credit card authorization.

Inventory Control
This module allows you to keep track of product inventory, and mark specific products as Out of Stock, In Stock, Discontinued, Back Ordered, or any custom label you wish, all from within eManager. You can even include the date you expect the item to be available in the label so your customer will know when to come back for it.

Customer Discount
This module allows you to set up specific discounts on specific products for specific customers. This module was designed for business-to-business use, but can be used by anyone with a Toolkit (full cart) or Toolbag (eOrder form) accounts.

General Discount
This module allows you to set up multiple discount methods such as coupons, order total discounts, shipping discounts and more. This module can be used by anyone with a Toolkit (full cart) or Toolbag (eOrder form) account.

Affiliate Tracking
Interface Modules For Popular Affiliate Tracking Services/Software

Miva Merchant GoChargeit
The GoChargeit Payment module is designed to be used with the Miva Merchant shopping cart program. It allows you to use your GoChargeit secure online processing account to accept credit card payments from your customers