Past Updates

This page contains information on past updates to the system no longer on the What's New page, arranged by date. As some of these items may not be in the current version of the User Manual, you may want to take a few minutes to review the items posted here. Please remember that any time you have a question you can always write to us at

Test Your Processing System Without
Using Your Own Credit Card

Release Date December, 1999

This new feature will allow you to test your credit card processing system without having to use your own credit card, or having to worry about voiding the test transaction afterward.  Here is how it works:

  • If you have an eTerminal account, select Enter New Order from the Orders/Transactions menu of your eTerminal panel and click on the Go button.

  • If you have a Toolkit or Toolbag account, click on the Processing Without Database-eTerminal link at the bottom of your eManager panel. Once in eTerminal, select Enter New Order from the Orders/Transactions section of your eTerminal panel and click the Go button.

  • After clicking the Go button, a blank credit card transaction form will be displayed. Type the word "testing" (no quote marks) into the first field at the top of the form. 

  • Hit the Tab key on your keyboard, and all of the fields on the order form will automatically be filled in for you except for the Amount field. This includes a Demo credit card number for testing use.

  • Enter a transaction amount into the Amount field as follows:

    1. If you wish the test order to be "Authorized" enter an EVEN dollar amount.

    2. If you wish the test order to be declined through the processor, enter an ODD dollar amount.

  • There is no need to Void any test orders that you place using this method. 

Payment Info Off/On Switch
Release Date October, 1999

This new feature will allow you to "switch off" the display of sensitive customer payment information on the Order Receipts of your eManager. You will then be able to print the receipt out for use as a packing or shipping slip, or to use as an invoice. How it works:

  • In the Orders/Transactions section of your eManager, select Orders by Date.
  • Enter a date range for order(s) you wish to display.
  • Above the resulting order table you will see a text graphic on the left side of your screen that says "Payment Info On". Click on the graphic and it will change to "Payment Info Off". Select an order to view from the payment table and click on it's order number.
  • The Order Receipt will be displayed without the payment information displayed at the top. You may now print this page out for non-secure use.

File Upload
Release Date September, 1999

This is an exciting new database management feature that allows you to add, remove and update some or all of the records in your product database whenever you like, and as often as you like. You can even elect to update one or more specific fields! Please visit our File Upload page for details on this feature.

Password eDelivery Plugin
Release Date August, 1999

This is an add-on plugin which allows for immediate delivery of a password or username and password pair as the result of realtime credit card authorizations. Please visit our Password Plugin page for details on this feature.

File eDelivery Plugin
Release Date August, 1999

The file delivery plugin provides a seamless interface between realtime credit card authorization and file downloads. This plugin is a must for anyone selling software or information files. Please visit our File eDelivery Plugin page for details on this feature.

Announcing Auto-Batch!
Release Date July, 1999

In response to numerous merchant requests, we are please to announce our new automated batch closing system, Auto-Batch. Auto-Batch will be run each evening from Monday through Friday, and will close/settle all Authorized credit card orders in your Close/Settle Batch file. In addition you shall receive a Settlement Report of each batch closed by Auto-Batch. This will include a breakdown of charges based on the card type (Visa, MasterCard, Etc.) as well as batch totals.

  • If you wish to control which orders are batched when, be sure you have your system set to Non-Auth Live so that you can Authorize them when you are ready to fill and ship them. Orders that are not Authorized will not be included in your Close/Settle Batch file, and therefore will not be included in Auto-Batch.