Password Delivery Plugin

Demo Setup Instructions


This Plugin allows for immediate delivery of a password or username and password pair as the result of realtime credit card authorizations. Passwords are uploaded to the processing server and queued for each valid, realtime credit card authorization.


  • The password is presented to the customer as part of the online receipt at the conclusion of a successful realtime credit card authorization.

  • Multiple access URL/product purchases per transaction are supported. Only one password per order will be presented. Multiple products URL's should by contained under the same protected directory.

  • Easy back office interface for configuring protected URL settings on a per product basis.

  • Fast and flexible searching of products for assignment or editing of protected URL settings.

  • Customizable download instructions and link text on a per product basis.

  • Back office uploading of password files to the processing server. The password file(s) may contain a single password per line or a username password pair. Unlimited number of passwords may be stored in the password queue. New uploads may replace or append the current password queue.

  • The password is included in the customers order confirmation email with the associated URL.

  • Back office system to return the next password in the queue independent of the realtime order system. This allows emailing of valid passwords to customers who pay by means other than the online realtime system.

  • Automated email notification when the password queue is low. Email will be sent when the password queue reaches 100, 50 and zero passwords in the queue.

Contact your sales representative for more details, and pricing information.