Link Help For Toolkits

The Toolkit (full cart) account uses Add to Cart, View Cart, and Checkout links. (If you have 15 or less products and wish to use the eOrder Form option, please follow the directions given for the Toolbag  account.) The HTML code for these links is automatically created for you in your eManager. All you need to do is copy the code, and paste it into your web pages.

Here's how:
1.  Enter your products into your eManager. If you are practicing, just enter one "test" product for now. 

2.  In eManager, in the Product Related Activities section, select Generate Cart HTML Code from the drop down menu and click Go.

3.  Read through the various linking styles and presented code samples. See the synopsis below:

Style 1
Standard Add to Cart as hyper text links or image links. Style 1 will present a Cart page allowing the shopper to enter the quantity desired. Using this link style is only necessary if additional options (Attributes) for the product are offered. For more information about attributes see the Attribute Tutorial Also see an Attribute Demo

Style 2
Turbo Linking with standard hyper text links. This style looks the same on your web page as Style 1 but operates quite differently. Rather than stopping on a Cart page, the product is added to the shopping cart and your catalog page is immediately reloaded. See a Demo and instructions for this style.

Style 3
Turbo Linking with form buttons. The functionality is the same as Style 2 above with the look of form buttons. See a Demo of this style.

Style 4
Turbo Linking with form buttons and quantity entry. The shopper has the option to enter a quantity greater than one. If no quantity is enter prior to the button push, one product is add to the shopping cart. See a Demo and instructions for this style.

Style 5
Direct Order Now! linked to the Order Form. This style will add the item to the shopping cart and immediately take the shopper to the Check Out screen. The first example is a simple hyper text link. The second example displays the Form code for button display. See a Demo and instructions for this style.

Style 6
Advanced multi product turbo linking with quantity entry. This style allows for adding multiple products, with optional quantities per product, to the cart with one button push. See the Instructions
See a Demo