Link Help For Toolbags

The Toolbag account uses the dynamic eOrder Form. This form displays all of the contents of your product database, (up to 15 items only) on a single web page named safeorder.htm. Your products are displayed in a table format with a the description, price, and a quantity entry box. To select an item to purchase, your customer simply enters the quantity they want into the entry box for the corresponding product(s), and clicks the Continue button at the bottom of the page. Their selected items will be displayed with a sub-total and order forms to fill out.

Note for Toolkit Accounts: If you have a Toolkit account, have 15 or less products, no Attributes, and wish to use the eOrder form, follow these directions. Remember to set the first field in your eShopping Cart Setup page (eShopping Cart?) to 0 or leave it blank to select the eOrder Form.

Your safeorder.htm page and all of your other order forms are stored on our servers. All you need to do is provide a hyperlink in your web page that will take your customer to your safeorder.htm page when they are ready to purchase.

Here's how:
1.  Enter your products into your eManager. If you are practicing, just enter one "test" product for now. 

2.  While logged into your eManager, copy the current URL from your browser URL location box. It will look something like this:

3.  Remove the last portion of the URL, the emanager.htm, and replace it with safeorder.htm Your URL will now look something like this:

4.  You now have the URL for your eOrder Form. Make a note of this as you will need it shortly.

5.  Open one of your web pages in FrontPage on your computer.

6.  Select a location on your page for your hyperlink and type the words Order Now! (or whatever you prefer).

7.  Use your cursor to highlight Order Now! Right-click your mouse, and select Hyperlink from the drop-down menu. (There are several ways to create a hyperlink in FrontPage. Refer to your FrontPage Help file for alternative methods.)

8.  A Create Hyperlink dialogue box will open. In the field labeled URL type in the URL for your eOrder Form. (the safeorder.htm URL)

9.  Click OK to save your settings and close the Create Hyperlink dialogue box.

10.  Upload your web page to your host server to test your link.

That's it!

You can place as many of these hyperlinks on your web pages as you like. The more you place, the easier it will be for your customers to find your order forms.