International Orders
Because of the wide range of shipping methods we offer our merchants, combined with the ability to set shipping fees as desired, the variables for calculating international shipping costs become almost infinite. There is simply no way to create a system that will cover all eventualities. Therefore, we have created a somewhat unique system for allowing our merchants to accept international orders. It requires an extra step or two for processing such orders, but it allows us to continue to offer our merchants the flexibility to set shipping costs and methods as best suits their individual needs.

Configuration Settings
To have the international order form displayed for your customers, you will need to adjust the setting for this in your eManager as follows:

  • In the Configuration and Setup section of your eManager select eShopping Cart Setup for Toolkit accounts, or eOrder Form Setup if you have a Toolbag account.  Click on the Go button.
  • Scroll down to the third field on the page labeled "International Orders" If you wish to accept international orders, enter the number 1 into the field. If you do not wish to accept international orders, either leave the field completely blank, or enter a number 0 (zero) into the field.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Config Changes button. Your change will take place immediately.

How It Works
All international orders must be modified by the merchant to include the appropriate shipping charges, taxes and any other fees that may be incurred. Because of this, certain differences in the way the system will handle international orders should be noted.

International Orders - Processing Considerations

  • All international orders are forced to NOT AUTHORIZE LIVE. Many of our merchants operate this way for all transactions. Basically, it means that you must manually submit each international order for Authorization. Such an approach allows you to modify the shipping charges and other order items before submitting the card for authorization.
  • The Order Confirmation Message your international customers receive will include the following at the bottom of their email:

    Subtotal: $ 79.96
    Sales Tax: Email To Customer
    Shipping: Email To Customer
    TOTAL: Email To Customer


    You placed an International Order With Us. We will need to determine the appropriate shipping, customs and/or any other charges that apply. We will email you the final order amount.

    Once you have determined what the shipping charges, taxes and duties will be, you then email the final order amount to your customer.
  • The confirmation message YOU receive includes this message at the TOP of each INTERNATIONAL ORDER:


    This order is an international order. It was processed as a NON-LIVE transaction. You NEED TO AUTHORIZE this transaction manually AFTER determining any shipping, customs, etc. charges that apply to this order. EDIT THIS ORDER to add the correct charges before submitting the card for authorization.

  • To lean how to Modify an order, please see the user manuals.