File Delivery Plugin

Demo Setup Instructions


The file delivery plugin provides a seamless interface between realtime credit card authorization and file downloads. This plugin is a must for anyone selling software or information files. Any binary distribution file that is commonly recognized by typical server and browser configurations may be used. Some common binary extension types are .pdf, .zip, .tar, .sit, .sea, .exe.


  • Download files are maintained on the account owners remote server. This allows complete control of the distribution files without the necessity of uploading them to or maintaining them on the process server.

  • Secret download URL's on a per product/file basis. The URL to the download points to our servers, the actual remote server URL to the file is never visible to the end customer. Sample download URL:

  • The life of the special download URL is timed to expire after which the file may no longer be downloaded. The timer length is configured in minutes on a per product/file bases. Different file downloads may have different timer settings. A typical timer setting is 2 hours. This feature allows for additional download attempts by the customer due to bad or lost connections while rendering the download link useless to share with friends or post to public forums.

  • Multiple product/file purchases per transaction are supported.

  • Easy back office interface for configuring download settings on a per product basis.

  • Fast and flexible searching of products for assignment or editing of file delivery settings.

  • Customizable download instructions and link text on a per product basis.

  • The download link and instructions are included in the confirmation email sent to the customer.

  • Back office system to generate timed download URLs independent of the realtime order system. This allows emailing of download URLs to customers who pay by means other than the online realtime system.

Contact your sales representative for more details, and pricing information.