Customer Discount Module

This module allows you to set up specific discounts on specific products for specific customers. This module was designed for business-to-business use, but can be used by anyone with a Toolkit (full cart) or Toolbag (eOrder form) accounts.  
Important: The Customer ID System must be turned ON to use this module. 
Please contact your sales representative for pricing and installation information.

How To Setup

  • You must first be sure that you have the Customer ID System set to ON in your account.  To do this, from eManager, Configuration and Setup menu, select Order System Setup and click the Go button.
    Scroll down the Order System Setup screen to the field labeled Customer ID System. Set this to ON. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and save your changes.
    IMPORTANT: You, as merchant, should NEVER click the Remember Me button when placing an order from your own site. Doing this will set a cookie on your browser that will corrupt the Bill To information on all subsequent orders you may place.

  • From eManager, Product Related Activities menu, select Discount by Customer and click the Go button. The Discount Product-Group Definition screen is displayed.

  • The first step is to create a group of products and assign a discount amount for each. By default, your first group is already created and labeled Group 1. Click the Assign link under Product Assignment to begin. A search screen for adding products to the selected group is displayed.

  • Add All Products To Group
    To add all products to the group click the Add All button.
    To set the same discount for all products, enter a number value in the first field, and select Percent or Dollars from the menu, then click the Add All button. All products currently in your database will be added to the group with the discount amount you have set assigned to them.

  • Add Specified Products To Group
    To assign specific products to the group, enter a search term in the first field of the search panel. You may select to search on Description, Product Code, or Price from the menu. Click the Search button and the results of your search will be displayed.

  • Assign All Results
    To assign all of the results to the group and set the same discount amount and method for all products, scroll to the bottom of the results table. The last row on the table will be blue. First enter a numerical value for Discount amount, and select Percent or Dollars from the menu. Then check the box labeled Add All. All of the products on the results screen will be assigned. NOTE: If you have 2 or less results there will be no blue Add All option at the bottom of the table.

  • Assign Individual Results
    Check the corresponding box to include a product in the group. Uncheck boxes to exclude products from the group. Set the discount amount in numbers only. Do not enter letters in the Discount field. Select Percent or Dollar for the discount method. Click the Assign Selections button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Repeat the above steps to add as many products to the group as you wish.  When you are done adding products, click the Return to Group List link to return to the main Group List screen.

  • To create another Group at this time, click the Add Group button. Add products to the new group following the steps above.

  • Assign Customers
    Now that you have created a group of products and set the amount of discounts for them, it is time to specify which customers you want to offer those discounts to. To begin, click the Assign link under Customer Assignment. A search box will open. 

  • You may elect to click the Assign All Customers button. This will assign all customers in the database to the group.

  • You may search your customer database on last name, first name, or customer ID. You may also search on one number or one letter.


    For example, search on the number 1 for Customer ID. Every customer in your database that has the number 1 in their customer ID will be displayed. You can then go down the list and check/uncheck the assignment box for each customer individually.

    You may want to assign customers alphabetically. Search on the letter A, uncheck the Case Insensative box so only capital letter A's are searched for, and select the Last name search field. Only those customers with last names beginning with a capital A will be displayed.

  • Once you have determined what variables to search on, click the Search button. The results of your search will be displayed.


    You may go down the list of search results one by one and check the Assign box for those customers you wish to assign to the current group. You may also check the Assign All box at the bottom of the panel to assign all results to the group.

  • Click the Assign Selections button at the bottom of the screen to assign your selections.

  • General Assignment
    This feature is useful if you create more than one Group. Rather than search and assign customers per individual group, this feature allows you to search your customers, and assign the groups from a drop down menu that will contain all groups you have currently created. 


  • Click the General Assignment button on the Discount Product-Group Definition screen.

  • Perform your customer search.
  • From the drop-down menu at the far right of the results screen, select the group you wish to assign each customer to. Be sure to check the Assign box as well.

  • Save your assignments by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Once you have setup your product discounts and assigned your customers, your Customer Discount module is ready to be used.

    How It Works
    If your customer has the Remember Me cookie saved to their browser, the discount(s) you have assigned for them will automatically be deducted from the regular price of the items they add to their cart. They will not need to login manually. A message at the top of the Add to Cart screen will tell them that they are already logged in.

    If the customer has not saved the cookie to their browser, they will need to login with their password on the first Add to Cart screen before the discount assigned to them will take effect. Once logged in, the add to cart screen will automatically reload, and the applicable discounts will be deducted as assigned.