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The Add to Cart, View Cart, and Checkout graphics that you use on your web pages may be of any design, shape or color that you prefer. They may also use any wording you want. For example, if you prefer Buy It! instead of Add to Cart, you may certainly make that change. Your shopping cart needs only the information contained within the HTML code that is generated in eManager to work correctly. This information contains your account name, the product code, and a "call" for the graphic image on your web server.  When creating or changing your graphics, it is that "call" that you must consider.

The "call" tells the browser where to go to find the image that will be displayed on your web page.  The HTML Code Generator in your eManager creates hyperlinks using the following names for image calls:

add.gif   (this is in your HTML code for Add to Cart links)
view.gif  (this is in your HTML code for View Cart links)
check.gif (this is in your HTML code for Checkout links)

When using new images for your cart links, you will need to name your new images the same as above so that the generated HTML code can find them. Or, if you prefer,  you can manually edit the HTML code generated by eManager to use the image names of your choice. 

Download New Graphics

You can create your own buttons using any image editor, or, you can use any of the graphics provided here. You may even elect to do a little of both, taking these graphics, and altering them in color or shape to suit your own website. 

Each graphic displayed here is but one of a set of four. Each set contains matching buttons for Add to Cart, View Cart, and Checkout. A blank button is included in each set as well should you want to add your own text or font. 

Instructions: Select a button style you want and click on it to download the set.  Unzip the file on your local computer. Each zip file will contain four graphics. Place the three graphics named add.gif, view.gif and check.gif  in the root directory of your website on your server.

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Capsule Shaped Buttons

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